Client: Private

Cost: £175,000

This project required design of a low-cost energy-efficient self build family home in the countryside with extensive analysis of the historic development string, appraisal of place, local character and development of site options all working to support a tricky planning process.

Siting of the building ensured protection from the prevailing wind, maximised solar gain and minimised shading – all outwith the fall zone of surrounding trees. Orientation of the building reduced the impact of inward views from the adjacent C class road to a fleeting glimpse whilst protecting excellent outward views.

The chosen aesthetic is in the spirit of a traditional Perthshire longhouse; a contemporary vernacular that responds to traditional building widths and roof pitches without resorting to ‘regular’ timber kit designs.

The external finish is formed from a combination of vertical Siberian larch cladding and horizontally laid painted spruce cladding. The vertical larch cladding respects the plantation backdrop to the site whilst painted cladding adds elegance and visual interest.

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